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An idealistic, sometimes irreverent, post-post-modern urban hippie. With an inclination for abstract, intellectual indulgence, ideological fantasies and various shenanigans. And a penchant for coffee, cats and candor.


Some might call me a dilettante. I prefer the term Renaissance person. I dabble at multiple things — from dance, music and craft to social entrepreneurship, writing and (dare I claim?) philosophy. While some people are happy being specialists, I unfortunately (I say fortunately) would be stifled blue. I so love the richness each of these things bring to my life and relish how they make me a multi-faceted individual. So, playing the all time jacqueline-of-many-trades, I juggle what I can trying not to drop any balls, and carefully tread a fine line between stimulating variety and dangerous diversion.

I’ve also been called an anathema. I don’t know if that’s an insult or compliment. What I do know is I identify as a cultural creative.

I’m blessed that I can truly say I love the life I’ve chosen to live. And especially blessed to be born in circumstances that allowed me to do so. My life I’d describe as alternative living within a mainstream world. I live in a YocoHouse. And play at Coalition of Mischief.

Outside play, I like mulling over stuff (which I like to call ‘work’). The fruits of which you see on this blog. If you need to quickly place me in a box (an unfortunate thing to do with anyone, mind you), I suppose I’m liberal, wondering what’s beyond the edges of post-modernity and recurringly having to come to grips with remaining relevant and reverent in today’s world.

And that’s of course my own description of me. If we met at a party and engaged only in that dreadful practice of small-talk, you’d probably leave with the impression I was a nice girl doing some curious things. And I would quite likely leave with the impression you were… in all candor, a boring, stuck-in-the-box, lack-lustre conversationalist who couldn’t see past the end of their nose.

Occasionally, I write poetry. You can find some here. Online, you’ll catch me on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, Pinterest and In real life, I like hanging out with Philorum and social innovation folk, at Salsa or Tango venues, jamming with musicians or doing uber-cool things with my uber-cool housemates in our uber-cool home. Mostly I spend my time dreaming new possibilities and plotting stunts at Mischief HQ (like our most recent one, Carnival of the Bold).



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