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“What’s your good life?”


June 21, 2014 by Zara

“What’s your good life?”

It’s a question everyone should answer for themselves.

But see if you share or are inspired by any of these Change-Makers’s ideas of ‘a good life’…

(From The Good Life Project:

Their answers prompted me to have a bit of a think. This is how I would summarize mine:

“A good life for me is to enjoy the beauty and sweet satisfaction of creative expression and increasing mastery in dance, music and the written word, and in entrepreneurship & business, and to apply myself to work that contributes to humanity and helps raise consciousness.

It is also to be able to work, play and live with uplifting, joyous, creative, self-aware, supportive folk, to be understood and valued by a community of like-minded, like-valued people, and to be part of creative and collaborative projects. It is having people and community that will challenge and support intellectual and spiritual growth. And being enriched by relationships, be they friendship, love or workmates.

It is to have abundance — not just resource-wise and financially, but especially with time. And having the opportunity to spend at will on activities of one’s choice.

It is to live in an environment of safety and trust, to enjoy freedom of speech and expression, to live where there is justice, peace and harmony, and where the higher aspects of human existence — of the soul, of meaning-making, of mind — are recognised and cultivated.”


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