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Thank you, 2013


December 31, 2013 by Zara


For the wealth you’ve brought. And I don’t mean money. I mean REAL wealth; the things even a gazillion truckloads of money might never buy.

As I look back upon the year and where I am in life, I can count (on more digits than I have on both my hands!) some invaluable blessings. So as 2013 comes to a close, here’s my thank you list.

I am deeply grateful…

For a soul-filled home and housemates who uphold a conscious lifestyle. For being in an oasis of calm, yet with the delights of the city right at my feet. And to have zesty, character-filled Redfern to greet with pleasure each time I step out.

For wonderful friends who care and support me in countless ways (not to mention put up with my idiosyncrasies, anti-social introvertedness, social non-conformity, frequent retreats underground ;-P). And colleagues who share a passion for a better world. And stellar individuals to converse, engage, laugh, love, lust, dance, work, and play with.

For experiences — the highs, the lows, the uphill grinds and the plateaus — that have woven the rich tapestry of my life. That have brought fruition to projects, molded character, expanded my mind, honed my skills and craft, and have and will fuel my work/art.

For work that is meaningful, and a business and creative partner-in-crime who is also my best friend and my rock. And the chance to create, and to engage and collaborate with interesting, fun, fascinating, dedicated and inspiring people.

For abounding opportunities. And an interesting life that still holds for me the all-too-important elements of fascination, curiousity and wonderment.

For a treasured friend and lover, a joyous and highly-unique relationship that could not suit me any better, and one I had once never dreamed possible to find.

For music, and great joy it gives me. To echo the beautiful Abba song, “Thank you for the Music”.

And for dance. Most especially deeply for dance, and it’s re-entry in my life.

I am thankful too for my entire life’s journey culminating at this point. For a deep sense of self-contentment and connection with who I am, the path I’ll walk, the values I hold and the principles I commit to uphold, the precious, precious gift of choice and opportunity I have to be “captain of my own ship”, liberation from the shackles of mindless conformity and social prescriptions, and for managing, fortunately better and better as I go, to still somehow be in this world while not of it.

We might not realize it, perhaps like fish in water, but we live in an extraordinarily exciting time in human history. For this, too, I am grateful — for the pure lottery of birth, and to be able to witness and partake in its unfolding.

I’m filled with excitement, and a slight trepidation, at the prospect (and unknowns!) of 2014. It holds the allure, but also the slight intimidation, of a blank canvas. The promise of adventure and tantalizing possibilities. A chance to bring fresh, new things into my life (hopefully lots more dance!). And particularly to birth some long-postponed creative progeny.

And while I’m on this creative sabbatical, rather fortuitously by turn-of-events and not by my deliberate design (at least not timing-wise), I feel so so very blessed for this very special gift; time to fill with nothing but the joys of music, dance, reading, contemplation and writing. “Play” that I take even more seriously than work (and already it has been life-changing!). For it is the indeed the ultimate achievement of the prudential ideal, as a good friend once pronounced, to have the luxury to “apply ones faculties to entirely self-chosen projects”; something I’ve always planned to incorporate in my life. So, there is not a moment to waste!

Let the world be our playground!

ps. I would incidentally recommend this article, “How to worry less about Money“, underscoring the difference between training vs education about money, numbers on a bank balance vs what that actually translates to, price vs value, and the relationship between flourishing and money.


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