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You’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the web; a place to voice thoughts, share inspiration, reflect, develop ideas. Like a thought lab, virtual journal and idea museum all rolled into one.


Caveat: Everything I write here is provisional.

So you’ve been warned. Here’s where I come to jot quick-snap thoughts on baby ideas. My first point of drivel. So don’t expect to find many considered, well-articulated positions. But do expect to find my candid and sometimes provocative opinions, some interesting (hopefully) and controversial discussion, and possibly outlandish perspectives. Occasionally there might be a knee-jerk rant or two.

Someday, I hope to assemble these snippets into more coherent thought-pieces or art projects. Meanwhile, I write to capture ideas, find clarity, formulate thoughts and save my friends’ ears from dry, tedious degustation of topics that lie far from the weather and the latest colour in season. Bemuse gives you better idea of the kind of stuff revolving through my mind.

Traipse over to Amuse, where I share all that I find wicked, wierd or wonderful. And Muse tells of the things that drive and spice my life.

Finally, a little curious about the wacky soul behind all this? No big doo-dah, just Yours Truly.


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