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Full front splits: a day to mark!


January 3, 2014 by Zara

2014-01-03 22.37.07Day #10 into my creative sabbatical [2013/14], and what must be about seven years since my ballet days, and happy to discover that I haven’t quite lost my dance body. Not entirely at least.

Today I was down fully into the front splits — surprisingly effortlessly — and needless to say, rather pleased that my flexibility hasn’t deteriorated as much as I feared it might have. SO much more to go in terms of rebuilding the strength I used to have, though! And I wonder if I ever will. I am age-wise, after all, long past my dancing prime.

I am feeling my body’s age a lot more these days. There are days, increasingly so of late, I have spells of sadness feeling that my dancing days are numbered. There is a part of me that yearns to use my body fully before its use by date, so to speak, and to reap as much dance mileage and fulfillment out of it while it will still serve as my vehicle of expression.

I’ve taken up Argentine Tango. And as a social dance, it’s wonderfully emotionally gratifying, exactly as I had always known it would be for me. It fortunately isn’t as technically demanding, at least not as a social dance, in the way ballet was, and my hope is that it will see me long into my sunset years. Yet, the dancer in me still longs to express so many other things, and kinds of music and ideas, and to be able to push creative and artistic limits further.

This is anyway just a quick post to commemorate a little milestone; momentous in my own books, and encouraging for me on what I hope is a permanent re-entry into dance in a more dedicated way than I’ve been able to pursue in more recent years. I can imagine myself someday wanting to be able to look back relive this aspect of my journey.


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