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photo_2166_20070217Many a wee hour of night has been spent reading, pondering and teasing out topics the obsessive compulsive in me longs to resolve and be able to neatly formulate a position on. Not the best sleep ethic, I can vouch! Perhaps I’ll find some rest once my mindless rambling has been tamed somewhat into mindful rumination.

Just to give you an idea of what’s to come, here’s a broad-brush picture of the kinds of topics that at present press themselves strongly upon me:

Socio-economics and business that would make our world thrive*. Independent thought. A world in which every living being might enjoy a free and flourishing existence. Overcoming the drug of mindless consumerism. Polysexuality superseding the monogamist ideal. Marriage, an archaic and unliberated social institution. Abolishing widespread wage slavery. Work as vocation, self-expression, self-fulfillment and a joy. Doing away with the existing production-oriented, 9-to-5, 5-day-week work ethos that’s remnant of an industralised era for workplaces that are, as Anita Roddick put it, ‘incubators of the human soul’. Every person receiving a minimum wage. The end of poverty and scarcity-based economics. How these are unprecedented times of accelerated change and incredible potential. Gratitude and service. Our humbling capacity as a priviledged few to make benevolent, powerful and responsible choices that immensely affect the lives of the under-priviledged many. The importance of living with a keen sense of death. Legalising euthanasia. Most of all, I care about meaning and what makes for a worthwhile life.

You can find them by category under The Passions or just randomly browse through Thoughts On Tap.

* Riane Eisler’s Caring Economics, Post-Growth Economics, Georgist Economics, Alternative Economics eg. Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics, social enterprise


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